StunTour: SSL Enabler for mIRC

Being able to connect securely to SSL-enabled IRC chat servers is something that remains difficult for most Win32 IRC applications. Very few IRC clients natively support connecting to servers with SSL, and the few that do are generally of very poor quality.

screen snapshot

If you want to securely use a client such as the popular Win32 mIRC client, then you must generally resort to running a separate tunneling application (such as stunnel) and then make mIRC to connect to a port bound to a localhost listening socket. This has the added overhead of requiring another application to be running at all times, and makes it difficult to change what server you connect to since you must manipulate the destination of the tunnel application. Also, running an external program is inconvenient and prone to problems.

After growing tired of fighting with stunnel and port mappings, I decided to write a mIRC plugin DLL that would natively allow it to connect to SSL-enabled IRC servers. StunTour is a utility that automatically intercepts connections with destination port of 994. This allows you to connect to IRC servers using a secure SSL connection (provided that the server supports connecting over SSL on port 994). StunTour also allows a few other common server ports to be used as well.

Download version 2.3 (20050727) now!

Source code (developed with Visual C++ .NET) is available in the "archives" subdirectory.

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